So I've been on the free google voice over wifi cell phone plan because wi-fi is cheap/free and ubiquitous. But tonight, I found a plan that made me purchase a used phablet with LTE capabilities. Why? Because there's finally a FREE phone/text/data plan in the world! It's only 500MB data for free, and 200 minutes [...]

Here's my foot. It is a size 10.5 in length. It is average width. It's resting inside the insole of a size 11.5 4E (extra wide) shoe. Why is a shoe 1 whole size bigger than my foot, and extra wide unable to accommodate my toes? Here's me scrunching my toes the way I do [...]

I started with $72k @ 7.8% I paid $16k for the first few years, while keeping the loans in deferment. For most US borrowers, I think the most important thing to do is get on Pay as You Earn (PAYE) as soon as you can. As an early retiree, my income qualifies me for $0 [...]

Full charge on a laptop = Eat 2 oreo cookies Power MMM's house 1 day = 1 active male's daily food = Eat 1lb fat Lose 30lb fat = power everything in your house for 1 month If we could make batteries 1000x denser, 1 laptop could power 1 house for 1 month on a [...]

Every few months, I restart life in a new city. I usually fulfill credit card bonus offers while jumpstarting my new life. Assuming you've handled housing, this guide contains all you need to live a happy, healthy, frugal life. These are all the items I don't like carrying in a suitcase that are necessary to [...]

I’ve always disliked waking up to an alarm, and, double-disliked working for someone else. One day I was feeling depressed, weighed down by my $72,000 of student loans. I promised myself I would run my personal finances like a business or a hedge fund, so I could get out of debt and stop feeling crushed [...]

I didn't like waking up to an alarm clock, sitting in an office in a single geographic location, doing work someone else told me to do, and not going home until someone told me I could. Unlike many people, I decided to do something about it. Between age 25 and age 27, I changed myself. [...]

How much time do you spend on Youtube, Facebook, and Vine? I'm willing to bet that people will continue posting more and more first-person video from wearables like Glass or GoPro. We'll spend as much time experiencing first-person videos as we spend watching smartphone videos today. As long as people of different races, sexes, and [...]

If you've ever tried to increase your vertical with special exercises, stretches, and drills, but you never got the results you wanted -- it's because you're too weak.* If there is a simple formula for the vertical leap, it should explain how high everyone jumps. After knowing just two facts about anyone, you can also [...]

I did a lot of research before choosing PRK, and it made me feel less sure I should even get elective laser eye surgery at all. In fact, I was feeling serious doubt right up until 10 days before surgery. Young, healthy, no dry eye conditions, I read many horror stories about eye surgery ruining [...]