How much time do you spend on Youtube, Facebook, and Vine? I'm willing to bet that people will continue posting more and more first-person video from wearables like Glass or GoPro. We'll spend as much time experiencing first-person videos as we spend watching smartphone videos today. As long as people of different races, sexes, and [...]

If you've ever tried to increase your vertical with special exercises, stretches, and drills, but you never got the results you wanted -- it's because you're too weak.* If there is a simple formula for the vertical leap, it should explain how high everyone jumps. After knowing just two facts about anyone, you can also [...]

I did a lot of research before choosing PRK, and it made me feel less sure I should even get elective laser eye surgery at all. In fact, I was feeling serious doubt right up until 10 days before surgery. Young, healthy, no dry eye conditions, I read many horror stories about eye surgery ruining [...]

WiFi is everywhere. When I was working at Red Hat and visiting my girlfriend at Duke on the weekends, I had WiFi at home, WiFi at the Red Hat office, and WiFi on the public buses between Raleigh and Durham, and WiFi all over Duke. The only 80 minutes out of the 10,080-hour week when [...]

UPDATE May 28, 2014 The fast and easy way to get massive performance gains on a WordPress site on a cheap shared hosting solution, like iPage $2 / mo hosting is to combine Hyper Cache Extended with DB Cache Reloaded Fix. I tested this site on Pingdom, and it's loading in less than 1 second, [...]

LiveEdit Now you can write your own funny captions on the front page of the New York Times.

Psst... Want to know how to write a good LinkedIn Recommendation? Or really, how to write a good recommendation letter or email? All you have to know is a 2 letter acronym. ...Just Remember P.S. P.S. Stands for Personal and Specific Get Personal First, state how you know the person. I have been a [mentor, [...]

Google collects loads of data about every search, click, share and other behaviors for surfers logged into Google accounts. Based on this data, Google profiles gender, age, interests and a few other things. Curious what Google's profiles look like? This is how Google sees me: To see how Google sees you, log into your Google [...]

Two qruick, ultra-reliable -and free- QR providers: Using, I entered and get a shortened link: Example: If you want the QR .gif image to plant somewhere, you can click on details >> or simply put .qr on the back of the shortened link. Example: takes you to the QR [...]