Here's my foot. It is a size 10.5 in length. It is average width. It's resting inside the insole of a size 11.5 4E (extra wide) shoe. Why is a shoe 1 whole size bigger than my foot, and extra wide unable to accommodate my toes? Here's me scrunching my toes the way I do [...]

I started with $72k @ 7.8% I paid $16k for the first few years, while keeping the loans in deferment. For most US borrowers, I think the most important thing to do is get on Pay as You Earn (PAYE) as soon as you can. As an early retiree, my income qualifies me for $0 [...]

Full charge on a laptop = Eat 2 oreo cookies Power MMM's house 1 day = 1 active male's daily food = Eat 1lb fat Lose 30lb fat = power everything in your house for 1 month If we could make batteries 1000x denser, 1 laptop could power 1 house for 1 month on a [...]

Every few months, I restart life in a new city. I usually fulfill credit card bonus offers while jumpstarting my new life. Assuming you've handled housing, this guide contains all you need to live a happy, healthy, frugal life. These are all the items I don't like carrying in a suitcase that are necessary to [...]

I’ve always disliked waking up to an alarm, and, double-disliked working for someone else. One day I was feeling depressed, weighed down by my $72,000 of student loans. I promised myself I would run my personal finances like a business or a hedge fund, so I could get out of debt and stop feeling crushed [...]

I didn't like waking up to an alarm clock, sitting in an office in a single geographic location, doing work someone else told me to do, and not going home until someone told me I could. Unlike many people, I decided to do something about it. Between age 25 and age 27, I changed myself. [...]

How much time do you spend on Youtube, Facebook, and Vine? I'm willing to bet that people will continue posting more and more first-person video from wearables like Glass or GoPro. We'll spend as much time experiencing first-person videos as we spend watching smartphone videos today. As long as people of different races, sexes, and [...]

If you've ever tried to increase your vertical with special exercises, stretches, and drills, but you never got the results you wanted -- it's because you're too weak.* If there is a simple formula for the vertical leap, it should explain how high everyone jumps. After knowing just two facts about anyone, you can also [...]

I did a lot of research before choosing PRK, and it made me feel less sure I should even get elective laser eye surgery at all. In fact, I was feeling serious doubt right up until 10 days before surgery. Young, healthy, no dry eye conditions, I read many horror stories about eye surgery ruining [...]

WiFi is everywhere. When I was working at Red Hat and visiting my girlfriend at Duke on the weekends, I had WiFi at home, WiFi at the Red Hat office, and WiFi on the public buses between Raleigh and Durham, and WiFi all over Duke. The only 80 minutes out of the 10,080-hour week when [...]